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DZ Technologies

Your ReliableTrusted & Flexible Security Technology Partner.

DZT saves time and unburdens you and your company, by supporting your business where needed.

DZ Technologies is the security expert in configuration/migrations/project delivery and support.

As an installer or integrator, there are always projects where some extra hands can be helpful. Because of some requests, you must arrange extra knowledge, people, or time. Think of extended periods of understaffing, illness, or simply long vacations. 

These challenges always have the same cause: time needs to be longer. (With more time, you could gain the knowledge or take longer on a project).
Unfortunately, no one can arrange extra time, but these are certain situations where DZT can unburden, and we are happy to do that!

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VMS Migrations

Highly experienced in high-end security system migrations and upgrades. 
We are the VMS Experts to help you with your project challenges.

System Design

Making sure your CCTV system is align with the needs and requirements of your clients can be a real challenge. 

With our technology partner, we train your AI and teach your AI what a right or wrong situation is.

We design the system, and you save time! 

Total Project Delivery

Security project but need to figure out how to get it done? Or simply no time? 

We can help! 

Our A to Z project delivery is giving you the chance to take on the project, but we do the rest! 

Support Desk

In need of a support desk that will help your customers or clients while you focus on new projects? We are here for you!

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Your milestone Expert!

Trained, experienced, and ready for any challenge! Contact us to service, migrate or support your Milestone system!

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A dynamic team with experience

We are a team of passionate professionals ready for any challenge and experience in project delivery and migrations. 

Our biggest strengths?
We are service focused, customer friendly, and always working towards 100% satisfaction.

With a large pool of technicians available, a solution to your problem or requirements is always available.

Working Together?

We do not believe in competition.

We do not believe in politics.

We do not believe in overselling. 

We only believe in delivering the very best to the client. 

And the only way to achieve this is to work together.

So let's work together and create something that not only works. But exceeds expectations.

Why others already do business with us!

Simplicity, reliability, and personal top-grade service. 

With our WhatsApp/Email support, you will have quick answers to most questions and a super quick service response time, and yes, We are also available by phone.

We don't like to make things as difficult as possible. Just keep IT simple. simply what you need, how you want it, easy to manage. 

We can help you with:
  • Taking on larger projects. We take care of the back (software) and you of the installation. 

  • The entire DZT team can be deployed during times of solving staff shortages, illness, or holidays.

  • Saving more time for new projects by letting us take full support.

  • If you do not usually work with Milestone but receive a request for this, you can do this well without concessions. Result? More profit!

  • We deliver pre-configured packages where everything is set up, so you only need to install the camera.



Around the world

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DZ Technologies B.V.

Energieweg 14F
2404 HE
Alphen aan den Rijn

+31 6 21 42 24 46

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