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Make your system smart.

A CCTV system is commonly a passive security tool instead of an active monitoring tool. 

Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques, we can learn the system routine motion, showing only anomalous or unusual behaviour allowing operators to focus on events that matter and respond in real-time to unusual incidents. 

How does it Work?

Get smart over time.

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Preventive Detection

AI powered analytics can be used for a variety of security needs. 

For example;

  • Early fire detection 

  • Dangerous conditions detection

  • Number plate recognition

  • Face recognition

  • Object detection

  • Machine learning

  • Fall detection 

  • Man over board detection

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Learn and train AI

With our technology partner we train your AI and learn your AI what is a good or a wrong situation.

This way the AI is able to recognize certain situations.

Security operator combining video surveillance app with artificial intelligence. Technolog

Improve crime and situation detection

By integrating AI into your CCTV system you can  boost detection, reduce costs and improve safety. 

All by using an smart CCTV system.

Fall / Emergency detection

Your Strategic Partner

Object Detection

With object detection we can detect objects and learn the AI to recognize the object as trained. With the knowledge of having the object in the camera feed, we can configure certain actions. 

An example of object detection is detect if people are wearing masks. the AI will detect the mask as a object and will give an alarm when there is a mask


Behaviour detection

Getting notification before certain events occur. With the behaviour detection you can learn the system to look for certain behaviour and send an alarm when this kind of behaviour occurs. 

A good example would be, a robbery with someone picking up a gun. It’s not a normall procedure and together with object detection the system can detect whenever this kind of event occurs. 

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Fire Detection

With fire detection the camera will be able to detect fire in indoor and outdoor environment. Useful for engine-rooms. Parks and forests. It is used to ensure the safety of the environment. With early detection, serious trouble can be avoid.


Man over board detection

With AI integration we can learn the system what the deck is on a Superyacht.

As soon as someone is falling into the water the system is able to send an notification and alarm.

The system is also able to be switched on or off and useable during the night by using the right cameras

Romantic vacation and luxury travel. Young loving couple sitting on the sofa on the modern

Control systems

We can use AI for control system where visual control is needed.

We can detect objects and connect certain keychains and test algorithms.

For example, when a machine is powered on, the camera can check certain components of the machine to check if all is in the usual state.

When one component is not in the usual state, an alarm goes off. 

Image by Adi Goldstein

Fall / Emergency detection

With human movement detection, the camera has the ability to understand a person’s movements.

The system detects a persons body movement and knows what is normall.

If for some reason this person collapses, the camera will be able to detect this as “falling” and can send an alarm.

This feature would be an useful and powerful add-on in every location. A house, a Superyacht and public areas.

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