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System design

DZ Technologies ensures that your CCTV system matches the needs and requirements of your customers. We design the system and deliver the quality your project deserves!

Why is a system design important?

Designing a CCTV system looks simple from the outside, but there are many benefits to be gained by investing more time in the design of your CCTV system.

When designing a CCTV system, there are some points to look at:
- The camera positions 
- The camera lenses 
- The type of the cameras
- The camera mounts
- Camera model
- The choice of VMS
- The choice of applications running on the camera
- The integration and migration possibilities with current (security) systems

Discussing these points can create a more integrated and better-performing CCTV system. Integration capabilities reduce future costs. 

How does it work?

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A tailor-made solution for everyone

DZ Technologies has partnerships with various AI analytics partners who can learn and train certain situations aboard a yacht, in hotels, gyms, or other locations. This information allows us to identify atypical events and notify the person responsible.

 With our technology partner, we train your AI and teach your AI what a right or wrong situation is. In this way, the AI can recognize certain conditions. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, we can learn the normal movement of the system, showing only abnormal or unusual behavior, allowing operators to focus on events that matter and respond to unusual incidents in real-time. 

AI integrations

Object detection

With object detection, we can detect objects and teach the AI to recognize the object as trained. With the knowledge of having the object in the camera feed, we can configure specific actions. An example: Object detection lets you detect whether people are wearing masks. The AI sees the mask as an object and gives an alarm when a mask exists.

Behaviour detection

Get notified before certain events happen. With behavior detection, you can teach the system to look for specific behavior and send an alarm when this type of behavior occurs. A good example is a robbery in which someone grabs a gun. It is not a standard procedure, and along with object detection, the system can detect when these types of events occur.

Fire detection

With fire detection, the camera can detect fire in indoor and outdoor environments. Useful for engine rooms, parks, and forests. It is used to ensure the safety of the domain. With early detection, serious problems can be prevented.

Man overboard detection

With AI integration, we can teach the system what the deck is on a superyacht. The system can send a notification and alarm as soon as someone falls into the water. The system can be turned on or off and, with the help of suitable cameras, even used at night.

Control systems

We can use AI for the control system where visual control is needed. We can detect objects, connect certain keychains, and test algorithms. For example, when a machine is turned on, the camera can check certain parts of the device so that everything is normal. An alarm goes off when a part is not in its usual condition.

Fall/Emergency detection

With human motion detection, the camera can understand a person's movements. The system detects a person's body movement and knows what is expected. If this person collapses, the camera can see this as "falling" and send an alarm. This feature would be a useful and robust application in any location: a house, a superyacht, and public spaces.

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