DZT - Marine

Your marine IT/CCTV partner.


Our Services


Yacht IT Networking

IT, from top to Bottom.

We provide IT services that will align with the CCTV systems. 

From the VSAT towards the servers and clients, we can do it all. 


- Server configuration;

- Switch / Router Configuration;

- Client Configuration;

- Monitoring.

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Security Camera

Martime CCTV Systems

CCTV designed for you.

A cctv system that goes further then recording footage. 

It's all about the integration. 

We can integrate our Milestone Systems into your network and with you Access Control system. 

On top of that, we are able to use AI for more extra features. 

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Maritime System Design

Expert Guidance

Need help designing your project regarding CCTV and IT?
With our experience we are sure we can be of value.

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AI Integration

Boost your system with intelligence

AI integration to learn CCTV systems certain movements, behaviour and objects. For example:

  • Fall Detection

  • Man-over-board Detection 

  • Smoke Detection

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DZT - Marine

We are specialised in Marine CCTV Technology

Reliable and demanding.
Systems in general on yachts are not the same as in companies.
You need to think about the salt water, less cable as possible (so smart positions).

Most of the systems are High-end and capable of many things.
Unfortunately, the CCTV system is only being used really basic in most cases. 
Why not take the hardware add more functionalities to it. 

Functionalities such as: 
- Fall Detection
- Smoke detection
- Man overboard detection 
- Engine Monitoring
and many more!


Why DZT - Marine

Committed to Excellence

Personal service | A-Grade Hardware | Ready to help.

  • Personal and tailored made configurations and setup for your yacht.

  • Personal and close communication via any platform. 

  • An passion for CCTV and IT. 

  • Knowledge on both IT and CCTV.

  • Pre configured system possible.

  • Easy swappable when cameras break down.


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